Zowie & Sentinels Gaming


Challenge: Zowie, renowned for its leadership in gaming monitors, and Sentinels, a titan in the competitive gaming arena, embarked on a groundbreaking partnership. As entities at the zenith of their respective fields, the collaboration aimed not just to announce their union but to celebrate it in a manner befitting their status. The challenge was multi-faceted, requiring a blend of exclusivity, broad-reaching awareness, and engagement across diverse platforms. The partnership sought to unveil their alliance through a high-profile, private VIP event at the Sentinels headquarters in Los Angeles, coupled with an extensive social media campaign and captivating video content that would encapsulate the essence of their partnership.

Solution: Ten16 was tasked with orchestrating a comprehensive social campaign that would not only spotlight the partnership but also create a buzz that resonated with fans and the gaming community at large. We ignited anticipation through a series of captivating posts and teasers that not only showcased the powerful synergy between Zowie and Sentinels but also engaged and excited the community. Complementing this, our video content captured the event with interviews and highlight reels, effectively amplifying the celebration of tech and competitive excellence.

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