The Double Stitch Experience


Double Stitch, a brand that made its debut this year, is not just about bedding; it’s about the artistry in every stitch and the pursuit of creating spaces that resonate with the feeling of home. At Ten16, we had the privilege of collaborating with Double Stitch to craft their digital presence and unveil their inaugural brand campaign.

Our Approach: Crafting an Online Haven

Our journey with Double Stitch began with the creation of their e-commerce website, where meticulous attention to detail and the essence of “Every Stitch Counts” were integrated into every element. From the seamless user experience to visually appealing product displays, we designed an online haven that reflects Double Stitch’s commitment to quality and community.

The “Talkin’ Sheets In The Streets” Campaign: Unveiling the Double Stitch Difference

As part of our partnership, we orchestrated the “Talkin’ Sheets In The Streets” campaign. Our charismatic host, Gregory, took to the streets of Dallas, engaging with local residents to explore their bedding preferences. What emerged was a unanimous consensus: Double Stitch stood out, capturing the hearts of everyone who experienced its unmatched comfort and quality.

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