BenQ EX3210U


Challenge: The gaming industry is fiercely competitive, with players constantly seeking the next level of immersion and performance. BenQ’s launch of the EX3210U gaming monitor aimed to capture the attention of this demanding audience, positioning the product as a game-changer in visual immersion and gaming experience.

Solution: At Ten16 Creative, we took on the challenge of introducing the BenQ EX3210U gaming monitor to the market through a comprehensive suite of creative assets designed to resonate deeply with gamers. Our approach is centered on showcasing the unparalleled immersion and vivid gameplay enabled by the monitor’s cutting-edge features, including its high resolution, rapid refresh rate, and HDRi technology.

Deliverables: Our team developed a dynamic range of content, including:

  • Engaging social media content that highlighted the monitor’s features in a context relatable to gamers.
  • Captivating ad campaigns that illustrated the dramatic enhancement the EX3210U brings to gaming environments.
  • Immersive product launch videos that took viewers on a visual journey of the gaming experiences unlocked by the EX3210U.
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